Joomla Templates Simplified!

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joomla 15 Joomla Templates Simplified!

What are Joomla Templates?

A simple template is a standard layout, design or a framework that creates a specific look and feel whereas a Joomla Templates is neither a website nor a complete website design. However, it sets a base for the design. Yes, the Joomla Templates are the basic foundation for viewing your Joomla website Design.

How are Joomla Templates Developed?

Joomla Templates are made up of three main place holders. This principal applies both the versions which includes the Joomla templates include:

Central Component Area

This area is the main body in Joomla templates and it delivers the actual content. There can be a number of predefined styles within this mainbody that are automatically styled by the template such as links, tables, headings and the like.


You can find module positions on the left and right or top and botton of Joomla Templates. They are the side blocks and can be modified up to your requirements. Your Joomla template is responsible for the styling and positioning of these side blocks.

Also, some joomla templates come up with a predefined suffix class or module class suffix. This means that you can add an extra predefined style to the module. Similary, some Joomla Templates offer a number of preset module styles which can be entered in the suffix field of the module. If you purchase a Joomla Template from a reliable and experienced Joomla provider or developer, the guidelines (tutorials or in some case documents) will tell you about the module styles and their configuration.

Menu Systems

Menu Systems themselves are modules – that’s true! They are one of the most exercised or used modules in Joomla. Similar to the case of design, Joomla Templates are also responsible for delivering these menu systems as well. It basically defines whether a menu system is going to be a drop down, button or a default link style.

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